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1’st international caparica conference in translational forensics 20-23 nov 2017

20. november 2017 - 23. november 2017

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Humans can not be skilled in everything. This fact is at the origin of fragmentation in Science. In the case of Forensics, fragmentation is even more concerning than for other sciences. Despite advancements in forensic biochemistry, forensic anthropology, forensic DNA, forensic pathology, forensic geology and geophysics, computational and digital forensics, etc. progress in Forensics presently takes much longer than necessary, making the way in Forensics disappointingly slow. This impacts on the efficiency of the investigations and causes very limited implementation of new advances in a Court of Law. The Caparica Conference Series on Forensics is intended to cover the gap of fragmentation by bringing together the different areas in a translational way. Join us in this endeavour.

The I International Caparica Conference in Translational Forensics aims to connect and start a dialogue between a large number of the objective of join together in the same conference as many forensic disciplines. The idea is to share the new advances in forensic research technology and to brainstorm and report on their implementation at all levels.


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20. november 2017
23. november 2017